Critical essays

[…] Brugnolo, bound by artistic creativity, initially transfers the vocation to the bouquets of flowers taken from the decorations of Nove territory. She integrates them, with same emotion, with other images of other flowers – roses, martagon lilies, peonies – painted with freshness and true for their naturalness. […]

Brugnolo turns shapes into decorations, enhanced by chromatic brightness, as the polished spicy red, blue and gold leaf. Thus each decoration refers to an absolute precision and sophistication, made possible by pictorial practice and executive ability. […]

For Brugnolo, decoration is joy and fullness and is also achievement of ornamental shapes of bright reflections close to her interest as art historian, drawn from the chromatic paintings of Paolo Veronese and Paolo Veneziano. She also finds valve-shaped ceramics, which are different, other pieces with new proportions, so as to place some light-treated painted plates. Focused on images of female faces, these works, with their appeal, shake the inner and exterior space. In the iconography, they represent the young girl of Jan Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, the priestess of Delphi and, by Giambattista Tiepolo, Dario’s wife. Brugnolo recovers the sense of their beauty and captures the existence by grasping their humanity. […]

Maria Lucia Ferraguti
Vicenza, aprile 2017

Harmony e pureness

[…] Such beauties of nature recall certain creations of Katia Brugnolo, in love with smooth and polished things. The colors of the artist go from white, imprinted in pure outlines, to blue, so the charm of a detail, which remembers heaven, or water when the sky is reflected. And across the green, wonder of the leaves, and gold, dazzling show of the sun.

Putting one of these objects next to a window in summer, it will shine in the light, as if it was alive itself, responding to the artist’s hand, which takes nature as an example and takes inspiration from remote memory.

An object created by Katia Brugnolo tells about thousands years and at the same time the light of a happy day.

Prof. Ernesto Guidorizzi
Presidente Societá Letteraria, Verona

Katia Brugnolo: beauty e nature

The first time I met Katia Brugnolo she was immersed in Beauty. We were in Trieste, at Miramare Castle, during a vernissage of a great exhibition on Nove ceramics that she had curated. The context of the archduke’s rich dwelling, together with the surrounding nature, sparked rays of light, in which her accurate and elegant outfit was perfect as well as her graceful attitude. I met her again some months later in the Castle park, while she was painting, with other people, ceramics of her invention. A nice and old-fashioned image. And then I found out that this attentive scholar, the expert of ancient and historical ceramics, for which Bassano is universally known, always available to explain and study, turned out – who knows since when – into a passionate “faber”. […]

Marianna Accerboni

Katia Brugnolo from esteemed Professor of Art History to successful ceramics artist

[…] And it is in these neoclassical / Scarpa’s spaces that Katia Brugnolo, from 1995 to present Professor of Art History and Pedagogy and Didactics of Art at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, already “G. B. Cignaroli “, by using her innate pictorial attitude, she started as a kind of competition with the great ceramists of Nove, whom she well promoted as Curator of the Civic Museum of Ceramic in Nove, both in the 2010’s volume “Flowers & Essences of  Venetian Art in the ceramic painting of Nove”, and last year, even though she had left that office, at the Miramare Castle in Trieste by organizing them an exhibition of great success. Already in her “first artist’s trials”, always inspired by the Nove floral decoration, she was fascinated by the elegant color graphics of the precious volumes of the 1800s and the 1900s of “La Vigna”, especially by the impressive Italian Ampelography from 1879 to 1890 and by the Revue Horticole, published in Paris since the mid-1800s. […]

Mario Bagnara
Vicenza, aprile 2017

About individual and creativity

Katia Brugnolo is composing an extraordinary journey in the field of creativity. Indeed, she derives from visual arts and her deep classical education has led her over the years to a constant role of criticism and analysis of contemporary and historical cultural events.

Professor of Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona (from 1995 to present), she has been living for many decades among a multitude of students and with them she boosts the need for a serious training to lay the foundations for young and future Artists, made of rigorous preparation and knowledge through study, writing and monographic tasks. […]

At the same time, today, she presents herself in “The Ceramics of Katia Brugnolo – Shapes and colors from the object of art to modern furniture”. Katia is attracted by and involved in three iconographic orientations; the quotation, with formal elements of architecture, as obelisks and pure geometric shapes, painted with calligraphic precision on oriental and ancient Egyptian decorative themes, accomplished with brush tip and with signs often oriented to the most perfect symmetry. […]

Rolando Giovannini
Critico d’Arte del Design